Friday, September 2, 2011

Migrating my repositories to GitHub

I've decided to move my mercurial repositories ( to Google Code GitHub.

The reason for this move is that my home server is dying slowly, electricity costs have been raised in Latvia and it's no more fun to keep that server around. This thing costs, and I don't have spare money to sustain it, plus I'm going to marry soon.

I plan to completely abandon my server and cut down power by the end of this year (maybe sooner).

I chose Google Code over GitHub because of fallowing reasons:
  • Google Code offers Subversion, Git and Mercurial repository hosting
  • Currently all my repositories are using Mercurial 
  • It doesn't have limit on how many repos you can create in one day
  • It's nice to see all your repos in one place
  • It has some feature Google code doesn't have
  • Company that I will work for is using GIT, I should start using git more to feel comfortable.
  • Pushing over Https in Google Code..... Why Can't I push over ssh? Need to enter that password every time :( 

Today (or shall I say, tonight) I created project, it contains repositories of dot.files, dot.fvwm, dot.xmonad, dot.vim and wmscripts (check this, this, this, this and this). Also I created, hopefully with switching to Google Code I might find some time to write some documentation about asm coding in BSD (it was very fun).

I've updated my web servers configuration, so when you try to access you'll be redirected to (names might now match for some repos, but redirect takes care of that). If you have any update scripts depending on repository location, you'll need to update them.

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